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Is Industrial Lighting Still Trendy?

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Is Industrial Lighting Still Trendy?

If you are asking yourself this question you probably have plans to get lights for your home or are just curious about lighting fixtures. Either way, style is one of the most important considerations when it comes to lighting fixtures so in this guide, we are going to talk about whether homeowners still fancy industrial-style lights and what kinds of these lights you can get from our store.

What’s Industrial Interior Lighting

Industrial interior lighting is a lightning style that blends raw aesthetics with old school bulbs to create charm and character. This lighting style has been around since the early 20th century when industrial style homes became a thing.

This was after the trend towards globalization became apparent, forcing most manufacturers to shut down operations at home and move them overseas. The aforementioned fact, combined with increasing population in the cities forced the conversion of spaces that once served as industrial areas into residential neighborhoods for the ballooning city populations.

These neighborhoods were characterized by industrial style homes that blended raw aesthetics and urban sophistication with accompanying lighting to match. We are talking spacious interiors with open plan flexible living while leaving exposed all the elements that other designs try to hide -think exposed bricks, raw hardwood beams, iron rivets and ducting and neutral color tones.

Industrial style lighting follows this same style by leveraging exposed metal, glass, and Edison bulbs, to the maximum to create a raw and edgy feel. These lights, while functional, can also be a striking focal point in your home.

But industrial lighting is not for industrial style homes only. It can blend into rustic farmhouses, and modern interior designs. In fact, this style really caught on at the turn of the century and as interior trends become more flexible towards DIY, we are seeing industrial interior lighting in urban lofts, and even Scandi, traditional, boho and art deco spaces. Here’s why.

The Advantages of Industrial Lighting Style

Enduring Appeal

With practical simplicity characterized by exposed rivets and Edison type bulbs, weathered metal finishes and early 20th century warehouses inspired architectural elements, industrial style lighting fixtures will never lose their element of timelessness. They are simple, versatile and pair with just about any decor style to create a raw, edgy feel.

Durable Design

Apart from distinct character, industrial lighting fixture designs are built to last. The rugged look is not just for show, these fixtures combine durable glass with stainless steel, brass or copper with metal finishes to protect against corrosive elements, fading and high temperatures. Even the ones that feature wooden elements make sure to pick hardwood pieces such as oak, maple and cherry to maintain rich warm tones for years. It won’t be vintage if you buy it today and it falls apart tomorrow.


As mentioned, industrial lighting style was designed to pair with industrial style homes and maintain the element of raw charm. However, it turns out that lights that leverage rugged designs and vintage features are incredibly adaptable.

Fix one of our pendants with colored enamel shades in your eclectic DIY home, for a pop of edginess.  These pendant lights pair a brass-colored metallic ceiling disc and body with an exposed teardrop-shaped bulb. Alternatively, we also have some with metal cages for a sophisticated look in restaurants, cafes, bars and homes

If you have a sleek modern interior decor setup, pair our epoch vintage industrial rope chandelier with your modern furniture and fittings for a fashion statement. It combines glass, metal and rope in a dramatic style with eight bulbs partially encased inside nine or seventeen sleek-black cones welded to a circular frame and suspended by a series of ropes.

We also have some rustic designs such as the Sanna industrial pendant and the Alessio industrial dome or if you are going for farmhouse charm, the Austin industrial lantern won’t disappoint with its durable metal and glass design and rich wood tones

To summarize, industrial-style lighting fixture designs will never go out of fashion. Their utilitarian simplicity and ability to mix and match with other interior decor setups apart from the industrial style supports our assertion. So why not get yourself one of our industrial style fixtures to showcase unfiltered edginess and charm.